Selected plenary talks and workshops from BHIVA 2020

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Links to selected talks are included below

Patient standards of care and new HIV-2 guidelines

Talks by Ben Cromarty from the UK-CAB and Clare Van Halsema.

Lest we forget: two talks on early years of HIV in the UK

Ed Wilkins gives a moving hisotrical perspective on clinical care and Simon Collins talks about the early UK community responses to HIV.

UK-CAB community programme

Three UK-CAB members – Jo Josh, Memory Sachikonye and Robert James – present some of the positive outcomes that HIV activists have been able to bring to HIV are in the UK. This includes working with research groups and on guidelines panels.

Professor Caroline Sabin talks about community involvement from the perspective of a researcher.

Workshop on late HIV diagnosis

Public health and clinical issues involved with late HIV diagnosis,

Stigma of HIV

Talk by Dr Iain Reeves on approaches to tackle HIV stigma amongst health workers,

“how to distinguish clumsy lack of knowledge from true stigma…”

Lunchtime workshop on recently acquired HIV

These talks looks at UK surveillance data on recent infections, including HIV positive and doctor responses to Surveillance of HIV Acquired Recently: Enhanced (SHARE) questionnaires. The session reported that indicator risks were common (for example recent STI) but that this was not matched but knowledge and access to PrEP.

The Q&A discussion noted that although RITA testing is currently on-hold, samples are being stored for later testing and that the PrEP IMPACT study was quickly oversubscribed and access was capped.

Lunchtime workshop on neurosyphilis

Clinical and epidemiological perspectives from Patrick French and Michael Marks.

Two talks on community involvement in HIV research.

Two excellent talks about community inclusion and collaboration from Longret Kwardem, London, and Francisco Ibáñez-Carrasco, Toronto.

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