IAS 2021 website now open access

The 11th Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021) held from 18–21 July 2021 is now available online as open access.

This includes more than 150 webcast presentations, 40 satellite sessions and 600 posters.

The original links used during the conference to abstracts, sessions and PDF files are still active.

However, the original links to individual webcasts now default to the conference programme. This will involve organisations having to edit earlier media reports and link to session pages.

Links to individual talks are no longer available, only to the full session.


The financial challenges involved in organising these meetings are appreciated.

But from a community perspective, enabling active links to presentations in real time, is more important than open access several months later.

This view might be shared by major funders and the scientists who work is being featured. There might be a persuasive business model if virtual meetings enable many thousands more attenders globally that could ever attend physical meetings.

Keeping the same URLs would also make is easier to ensure reports remain active over time when the conference platform changes.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.