EACS statement on the war in Ukraine

The following statement was posted by the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS).

It is with sadness that we have learnt about the war in Ukraine. We would like to extend our support to all our dear friends and colleagues and everyone involved, not least all the people living with HIV and their carers.   

At this difficult time, we would urge that all members of EACS, as well as healthcare professionals, healthcare commissioners, the pharmaceutical industry and non-governmental organisations in Ukraine and across Europe to work together to ensure that we can provide all possible support for people living with HIV and their families to ensure: 

  1. Free and easy access to medical care, psychological support and medicines including antiretrovirals for the treatment initiation, continuation as well as pre-and post-exposure prophylaxis.
  2. Free medical insurance for migrant populations from affected areas.
  3. Easily available access for infection prophylaxis and vaccines for vaccine-preventable illnesses, including COVID-19 vaccines.
  4. Full support for assistance to, and the safety of healthcare professionals providing medical assistance in affected areas.

We would strongly encourage the preparation of national plans to support PLWH migrating from affected areas and emphasise the need for their rapid implementation.

EACS will stand and work together with our members and partners at this difficult time. 

The Young Investigators (YING) network in EACS is also working to support HIV care in the Ukraine and other countries most directly affected. They have appealed for medical supplies and HIV treatments and financial support.


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