Organisations to support the crisis in Ukraine

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The following organisations are collecting donations to help people affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

If you are HIV positive and new help for HIV care after leaving Ukraine, please use the ‘contact us’ section on this website. Whatever country you are now in, someone will contact you back with information.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense designated bank account to accept donations for its troops.

Come Back Alive is a Ukrainian NGO that raises crypto funds for the Ukrainian army.

Nova Ukraine is a US-based NGO that works with organisations in Ukraine to support families. It provides citizens with everything from baby food and hygiene products, to clothes and household supplies.

The Ukrainian Red Cross covers many areas of support, from aiding refugees to training doctors.

The Young Investigators (YING) network in EACS is working to support HIV care in the Ukraine and other countries most directly affected. They have appealed for medical supplies and HIV treatments and financial support.

Frontline AIDS Ukraine Appeal (previously the International HIV/AIDS Alliance) are appealing for support for their partner HIV organisation in Ukraine, Alliance for Public Health (APH)

United Help Ukraine is another US-based non-profit that receives and distributes donations, food, and medical supplies to displaced Ukrainians, anyone affected by the conflict, and the families of wounded or killed soldiers.

Sunflower of Peace is a charity that helps paramedics and doctors with medical tactical backpacks – they have everything to preserve a person’s life and get them to proper medical care alive.

Online resource map for registering individual and organisational help you can provide.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.