BHIVA statement on fourth vaccine dose for people living with HIV in the UK

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) recommends that this Spring booster vaccines should be given to all people who are immunosuppressed, including everyone with HIV. 

The vaccine should be given about six months after their last vaccine dose.

The JCVI has made this recommendation to keep things simple, and to ensure that all people at higher risk are protected from COVID.

BHIVA strongly encourages all people living with HIV to have the recommended COVID vaccines.  Responses to first and second vaccine doses can be lower in some people with HIV, particularly those with a damaged immune system (a CD4 count less that 350 or with a detectable HIV viral load).  The extra vaccine doses should boost immune responses.  

The full statement linked below includes more information.


BHIVA. Community version: BHIVA Statement on JCVI recommendations for COVID vaccine Spring 2022 booster dose. (29 March 2022).

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