Sending unused meds to Ukraine: emergency appeal

If you are HIV positive and new help for HIV care after leaving Ukraine, please use the ‘contact us’ section on this website. Whatever country you are now in, someone will contact you back with information.

A new EU-funded website includes information about health care for people who have left Ukraine. All pages are in Ukranian and English.

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

100 bottles of donated ARVs for Ukraine from UK-CAB members.

The current war against Ukraine will be disrupting treatment for people living with HIV, whether they stayed in Ukraine or left as refugees to other countries.

This led to urgent requests for unused HIV and other meds, and medical supplies. This is even though International agencies and drug manufacturers are also organising to meet this demand.

The UK-CAB collected more than 100 bottles in the first week of a new campaign led by EACS and BHIVA.

Please send all donations in the UK to:

FAO: HIV consultants, 5th Floor Mortimer Market Centre, London, WC1E 6JB.

People living with HIV often have unused meds from when our last treatment was changed. If these are returned to your clinic they will be destroyed, even if unopened and in date. 

Medicines need to be in original packaging, ideally in unopened packs. All HIV and related meds are acceptable, even if they are past the use by date.

All donations will be screened beforehand to make sure they are suitable.

Donations from other EU countries

This project is linked to the Young Investigators (YING) network in the European AIDS Clinician Society (EACS) who are working to support HIV care in the Ukraine and other countries most directly affected.

Their website appeals for medical supplies, HIV treatments and financial support.

Donations from the US

Donations of unused meds from the US is being co-ordinated by AID for AIDS. This organisation has been recycled HIV meds globally for over 25 years

Other meds can be included that are not ARVs, but the US programme only wants medicines that are still in date,

People in the US should please post to:
AID for AIDS, 131 Varick Street, Suite 1006 New York, NY 10013.
TeL: (+1) 212.337.8043
Free FedEx or USPS shipping is available via the website:

Note: The current crisis has meant that UK regulations have been relaxed to allow all donations. This is an exceptional situation. People in the UK are advised to not use out-of-date medications.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.