i-Base 2024 appeal: support for LGBTQI+ refugees in Kakuma

This year the i-Base appeal includes options for readers to support community projects during 2024.

i-Base appeal 1: Help LGBTQI+ refugees in Kakuma

Although i-Base always needs help ourselves, this year we want to prioritise direct help to people affected by the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act.

This legislation attacked both LGBTGI+ individuals and anyone seen as providing support. It meant many people have lost their homes and jobs and the threat of physical assault or imprisonment meant many people left Uganda, including to claim asylum as refugees in neighbouring countries, when possible.

This has led to an expanding LGBTQI+ community in the UN refugee camp in Kakuma in north Kenya, which actually provides little security or safety.

SRT report coverThe previous issue of HTB included a report that documented human rights abuses in Uganda due to the recent legislation and other links are included for more information.

This GoFundMe project support a community response in Kakuma. This appeal is to help with basic needs including towards meals for LGBTQI+ refugees living in the Kakuma camp.

The current food allowance is 1 kg of rice, 1 kg of yellow peas and 1 litre of cooking oil per person per month. This project will provide support for a stronger network of community support. Any donation, however small, will make a difference for a community that still faces stigma and violence and that depends on support.

i-Base know that that there are very few options for LQBTQI+ refugees. Also that different approaches to help are difficult.This appeal just has short term goals to help with food and nutrition at a difficult time of year.

i-Base appeal 2: i-Base resources for NHS clinics

Individual donations from readers towards i-Base projects are also appreciated and always make a difference.

We use this support to fund leaflets and treatment guides that are used by sexual health clinics. We continue to provide all materials free to NHS clinics and to individuals.

During 2023, i-Base distributed more than 60,000 treatment guides to UK clinics.

i-Base only accepts independent funding to print these resources.


Uganda report: Increase in LGBTQI+ assaults and human rights violations need urgent activist responses. HTB October 2023.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.