Liverpool Drug Interactions: January update

The January 2024 newsletter from the Liverpool drug interaction services includes the following highlights.

New comedications

Last year saw us massively expand our comedication list, adding 176 drugs in 2023.

New drugs added since our October newsletter are listed below. If you have a suggestion for a new drug that you would like to see added to our interaction checker, please fill out our suggest a drug form.

As a result of these additions, we now have a new comedication class, Antihaemorrhagics. Avatrombopag is a new comed in this class, and eltrombopag, fostamatinib, and tranexamic acid have moved from the Other class to join it.

Selected colour changes

A few interactions have changed due to updated QT warnings.

  • Five interactions with triclabenazole changed from green to YELLOW, due to new possible torsade de pointes risk.
  • Two interactions with efavirenz (sodium stibogluconate, doxorubicin) changed from green to AMBER, due to QT risk in the product licence.
  • Eight further interactions with efavirenz changed from green to YELLOW, due to QT risk in the product licence.

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