Antiretroviral and statin drug-drug interactions

This is a useful concise review on a critical area for the healthcare professional treating HIV+ patients.

Not only does HIV itself induce dyslipidemia, but some of the HAART medications also cause lipid abnormalities. Given the impact of HIV drugs on CYP enzymes and the fact that many statins are extensively metabolised by CYP enzymes, understanding the potential for drug-drug interactions is very important.

This review briefly covers HIV and HAART-related dyslipidemia, statin metabolism by CYP450, HAART effects on CYP450 and HAART and statin drug-drug interactions. It concludes with current recommendations.


Ray GM. Antiretroviral and statin drug-drug interactions. Cardiology in Review, 2009, 17(1): 44-47.

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