Volume 7 Number 6 June 2006

This issue of HTB includes reports from the 7th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV Therapy that was held in April in Lisbon.

This meeting included important data with clinical implications both for practice in the UK and other industrialised countries, and for resource limited settings. We also report findings from children’s studies, as PK data of antiretroviral drugs in children are generally scant.

This issue also includes a special report on the use of autologous stem cell transfer (ASCT) in HIV-positive patients, and treatment access coverage on the opposition to Gilead’s patent application on tenofovir in India by organisations representing people living with HIV/AIDS.

Included with the distribution of this issue is a copy of the June 2006 edition of i-Base ‘Introduction to Combination Therapy’. This is a non-technical guide and is available free in bulk to organisations and clinics in the UK.

Main changes to this edition include updated information on recently approved ARVs and an updated section on Treatment tInterruptions following the early SMART study results.

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