The Body launches major new feature section on HIV+ women

“Features at The Body: Women & HIV,” the maiden voyage of The Body’s outstanding new features area, has been launched.

This comprehensive, in-depth look at HIV/AIDS among US women includes interviews with top AIDS specialists treating women, moving profiles of positive women, important resources and an online museum featuring the artworks of Visual AIDS’ female members. Throughout the year we will publish new feature sections, each focusing on an important issue in HIV/AIDS. Check it out!

Informative question-and-answer sessions with eight of the most prominent doctors treating HIV-positive women, including a discussion of unique side effects and treatment struggles among women.

Interviews with women from a wide range of backgrounds and ages (from 15 to 66) who are battling HIV in their bodies, in their communities and across the country.

An online gallery featuring female members of Visual AIDS, an organization devoted to promoting and preserving the creative works of HIV-positive artists.

A detailed listing of service organisations, books and web sites for HIV-positive women.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.