Enhancing adherence to antiretrovirals: strategies and regimens

Valerie E. Stone, MD, MPH, from Medscape HIV/AIDS eJournal

There is widespread acknowledgement that successful treatment with highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) requires the patient to maintain consistent adherence to the prescribed regimen on a long-term basis. This article aims to provide an update on key issues in adherence to HAART, based on results from published articles and abstract presentations during the past one to two years.

As HIV-treating clinicians endeavor to optimize and enhance their patients’ adherence to HAART, it is necessary to have a strategy regarding: (1) assessing the patient’s readiness to start and adhere to HAART; (2) choosing a regimen to which the patient is likely to adhere; (3) choosing and using interventions to improve HAART adherence; and (4) monitoring adherence to HAART on an ongoing basis. This article will review the available evidence regarding each of these 4 topics and their implication for clinical practice.

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