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The first of two documents being produced from the Stop-TB eForum discussions is now available on the HDN eforums website:

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Fighting TB on the frontlines: Key findings and recommendations on the crucial role played by front-line health workers in TB control

The people fighting against tuberculosis (TB) are clearly the best-placed to talk about the challenges they face on a daily basis and how to improve the DOTS programmes so that they function at optimum level. They need a louder voice and more visibility – and those working at the health policy level need to learn from them.

As a member of Stop TB Partnership, Health and Development Networks moderated and managed a six-month discussion on the Stop TB eForum on the 2005 theme of World TB Day: Key roles and needs of front-line health workers in stopping tuberculosis.

The overall aim of the discussion was to share information and assess the critical role that front-line health workers play in turning back the tide of TB. The discussion built upon the recognition that government services cannot defeat TB alone and that further improvements in case detection and cure rates need the active and local engagement of people involved in care provision on a daily basis.

This document is a distillation of the experiences and expertise of the many people who contributed to the discussion. These key findings and recommendations highlight the vital role played by front-line health workers in TB control.

Available online at:

Latest Stop-TB Postings

IAVI Report – September 2005

AIDS vaccine, HIV vaccine research: IAVI report

  • An industrial incentive: Several organizations are pursuing new ways to encourage the pharmaceutical industry to increase investment into the research and development of an AIDS vaccine.
  • US Senators introduce bill on accelerating AIDS vaccine research
  • First meeting of Clinton Global Initiative draws funding and attention for development issues
  • Vice President of Uganda addresses major AIDS vaccine meeting
  • Understanding test of concept trials: why are Phase IIb trials an important step in evaluating AIDS vaccine candidates?

European AIDS Treatment News

Volume 14, 02 . Autumn 2005 . English Edition Open link in new window

  • Ethics and clinical trials
  • HIV research for drug users
  • New obstacles for cheaper drugs
  • Methadone and buprenorphine as essential drugs
  • How to stop a worldwide pandemic

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