Calls to i-Base phoneline now free from Orange mobile networks

Mobile phone network Orange has announced that it will not charge contract or pay as you go customers to call freephone helplines who are members of the Telephone Helplines Association (THA) – which includes the i-Base treatment information phone service.

Although Orange previously had a policy that they did not charge contract customers to call any freephone number, pay as you go customers still faced hefty charges for calling freephones – and that included charity helplines. Orange has now confirmed that although contract customers will in future be charged to call commercial freephone numbers, all of its customers will now be able to call any freephone helpline that is a member of the THA and their call will not be charged nor itemised.

The i-Base phone number is on 0808 800 6013 and can offer information in English or French, usually provided by positive treatment advocates, and is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from noon to 4pm.

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