European Approval For Kivexa (abacavir/3TC)

A new once-daily fixed dose dual combination of abacavir plus 3TC (tradename Kivexa) is now available in the UK.

It is licensed for the treatment of HIV infected individuals over 12 years of age to provide an effective treatment as part of HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy).

The active substances in Kivexa are 3TC (Epivir, lamivudine) and abacavir (Ziagen) which have both been available as separate components for several years in the UK.

The combination of both these agents in one pill means that patients using 3TC and abacavir are now able to take their daily dosage of these drugs in one pill instead of 3 or 4 separate tablets.

Source: GSK PR, 6 Jan 2005

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