Update your WHO/EDM bookshelf

The latest version of the WHO Medicines Bookshelf CD-ROM, containing over 350 medicines-related publications, in English, French and Spanish, taken primarily from materials published by the Department of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy (EDM), is now available. The e Bookshelf covers the Department’s entire field of interest, including:

  • access to essential medicines
  • rational use of medicines
  • national drug policy
  • quality and safety issues
  • traditional medicine.

Core publications from other sources are also included on the CD-ROM, with the kind permission of the organizations concerned.

For those in areas where Internet access is particularly slow or is unavailable, the Bookshelf was designed to serve as a self-contained medicines information resource. For this reason, a version of the Essential Medicines Library (20 MB) has been included on the CD-ROM. The Library includes the WHO Model Formulary, and the Library interface serves as a seamless gateway to a wide range of useful web sites, such as WHO clinical guidelines and United Nations price information resources, among many others.

The Bookshelf is available free of charge.

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