Updated UK guidelines for HIV and hepatitis coinfection (2005)

Updated guidelines are now available on the British HIV Association BHIVA website.

The major changes for each section include:

HBV coinfection

  • Reformatted in the style of the ART guidelines.
  • Treatment algorithms added.
  • New, clearer definitions of when to treat and with what.
  • High CD4: ideally treat according to liver biopsy result. Options are to use interferon if HBeAg +ve (non-cirrhotic) and abnormal LFT or adefovir in those who are HBeAg +ve or HBeAg –ve and HBV-DNA >104 copies/ml (>103 if cirrhosis)
  • Low CD4 requiring ART: treat according to HBeAg status and HBV-DNA (as above). Can use tenofovir alone as part of HAART. 3TC/FTC are only recommended in combination with tenofovir.
  • Updated clinical trial evidence and references.
  • New information on investigations and vaccination.

HCV coinfection

  • Reformatted in the style of the ART guidelines.
  • Recommended treatment is with pegylated interferon and ribavirin
  • Non-pegylated interferon is no longer recommended
  • Updated information on clinical trails and references
  • Deletion of discussion on non-pegylated interfero
  • Recommend avoid AZT and ddI in those on ribavirin.

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