Atorvastatin requires dose reduction with tipranavir/r

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Richard Hoetelmans and colleagues from Tibotec reported an interaction between the investigational protease inhibitor TMC-114 dosed at 300mg BID with 100mg ritonavir BID, and boosted and atorvastatin (AVS) in HIV-negative individuals.

Atorvastatin levels are increased by TPV/r and a 10mg dose achieved around −15% exposure compared to 40mg AVS without TMC-114/r.

Similar reaction have been reported with other PIs and the recommendation for the study is to initiate AVS at 10mg and adjust based on clinical response.


Hoetelmans R et al. The effect of TMC-114, a potent next-generation HIV protease inhibitor, with low-dose ritonavir on atorvastatin pharmacokinetics. 41st ICAAC, Washington, 2004. Abstract H-865.

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