Changes at the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

On 8 December, the European Medicines Agency officially unveiled a package of changes with the launch of a new organisational structure and new visual identity.

Changes include:

  • a change in name (from EMEA to EMA) and website address
  • integration of human pre- and post-authorisation activities into one unit
  • the creation of a new unit for patient health
  • a dedicated group for the management of product data

Established in 1995, this is only the second time there has been a major re-organisation of the Agency’s services.

A new public website for the Agency is nearing the end of development and will be launched in 2010. With the current website being visited more than 700,000 times each month, the new site is being designed with the needs of the public in mind, offering improved navigation and search functionality, providing better access to information on public-health issues.

EMA press release: European Medicines Agency launches new organisational structure and new visual identity. (8 Dec 2009).

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