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New or updated chapters from May and June include:

Hopkins report – May 2004

  • Genes, ethnicity, and efavirenz response: clinical pharmacology update from the 11th CROI
  • HIV superinfection: can patients be infected twice?
  • Syphilis rates climb again
  • Travel advice for HIV-infected individuals


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Clinical implications of stopping nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy: relative pharmocokinetics and avoidance of drug resistance

Identification and management of neurologic and psychiatric side effects associated with HIV and HAART

PRN Notebook – June 2003

  • Pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics, and HIV
  • Update on the treatment of acute and early HIV
  • HIV and cardiovascular disease: responding to the risk
  • Diagnosis and management of HPV-associated anogenital dysplasia in HIV-infected men and women
  • Antiretrovirals for the World: needs and challenges

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