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New or updated chapters from April and May include:

Clinical overview of HIV disease

Genotypic testing for HIV-1 drug resistance

Non-antiretroviral medication-related adverse events during treatment of HIV-related infections and complications

Adverse events of antiretroviral drugs

Dosing of antiretroviral drugs in renal insufficiency and hemodialysis

Five people, five treatment interruptions, five outcomes

We can read research about experimental HIV treatment strategies until our eyes glaze over, but sometimes it’s more interesting — and more educational — to hear a doctor talk about some of the patients who have actually taken part in them. Dr. Gerald Pierone brings us in for a closer look at five people who took doctor-guided HIV structured treatment interruptions under a variety of circumstances.

JournalView: a new way to keep up with the latest in HIV medicine

The Body Pro, The Body’s sister site for HIV healthcare professionals, has launched JournalView, a new, monthly analysis of HIV research authored by an HIV physician. Every month, JournalView will scour top medical journals and other publications, selecting key findings and providing expert commentary on their importance to the world of HIV medicine. Click on the link above to read JournalView’s inaugural issue!

Pharmacokinetic Factors In HIV Therapy

An online programme reviewing key issues in HIV pharmacology, and the role of pharmacokinetic factors in the outcomes of antiretroviral therapy. Site requires on-time free registration.

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles: a guide for HIV healthcare professionals

Key pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters; Characteristics of drug concentrations at steady state, and impact of different dosing regimens; Relationship between antiretroviral concentrations and treatment outcomes.

Factors associated with pharmacokinetic variability in HIV-infected patients

Clinical relevance of interpatient variability in drug concentrations; Factors contributing to PK variability in HIV-infected patients; PK variations associated with demographics, hepatitis and renal disease, pregnancy, and pediatrics.

Integrating pharmacokinetics into treatment decisions: strategies for optimal patient care

PK parameters that may predict clinical outcomes; Advantages and disadvantages of various boosted-PI regimens; Recently observed drug-drug interactions between antiretroviral agents.

Interactive guide to antiretroviral dosing

Interactive tool to access information on dose adjustments recommended for FDA-approved antiretrovirals in specific clinical scenarios (eg, hepatic or renal insufficiency; pediatrics; body weight).

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