Newsletters and reports

GMHC Treatment Issues – November 2003

  • Through the roof: the issues behind drug pricing
  • One for the blipper: viral load and replication — where’s the link?
  • ATAC meets FDA: warm and fuzzy in Rockville
  • Some things never change: Carlton Hogan on demanding post-marketing monitoring of drug safety

PRN Notebook – December 2003

  • Rapid HIV assays and the diagnosis of new HIV infections
  • Unraveling the mystery of long-term non progressors
  • Therapeutic potential of RNA interference
  • State of the ART: new DHHS guidelines

ACT-UP/New York histories published online

Sarah Schulman and James Wentzy have recorded a series of oral histories from 25 surviving members of ACT UP/New York.

Transcripts from 14 of the interviews are already available online as pdf documents and others will be added shortly.


The latest issue of RITA! (volume 9, number 2) is online in pdf and html.

This issue, titled “HIV Treatment, Interrupted” reviews the last several years of structured treatment interruption (STI) and related research. Several essays on this topic by researchers and physicians are also included, as is a patient-oriented fact sheet on STIs.

Contents include:

  • HIV treatment interruptions: A review – Jennifer Newcomb-Fernandez, PhD
  • Trying to make sense of treatment interruptions – Dorothy E. Lewis, PhD, and Richard E. Sutton, MD, PhD
  • Is autovaccination dead? – Bernard Hirschel, MD
  • Treatment Interruptions in the salvage setting: What have we learned? – Veronica Miller, PhD
  • In memoriam – L. Joel Martinez 1953-2003

ACRIA Update – Winter 2004

Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! – An Overview of the Approved Anti-HIV Medications

The Winter 2004 issue of this newsletter includes new and updated fact sheets for every antiretroviral drug that is currently in use in a very easy to read format.

Forum for Collaborative HIV Research: new reports

  • New Report: Sex and Gender and HIV – A Workshop Report
  • New Report: Protein Binding in Antiretroviral Therapies – A Roundtable Discussion Report [AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses 2003; 19:825-835]
  • New Report: Monitoring of long-term toxicities of HIV treatments: an international perspective [AIDS 2003; 17:2407-2417]
  • New Information: Alternative CD4 and Viral Load Testing Technologies
  • Standardised Data Analysis Plan and Call for Collaboration: Initiatives for Developing and Comparing Genotype and Phenotype Interpretation Systems
  • Information Source: Description of HIV Cohorts and Databases
  • Project updates – Presentation Slides: Presentations slides from our recent workshop on Racial and Ethnic Minority Issues in HIV (October 29-30, 2003) and QA/QC of CD4 and Viral Load Assays in the Resource-Limited Setting.

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