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Is it safe to buy hormones from the internet?

I’m a trans* woman, and I currently buy hormones online. I was diagnosed HIV positive several months ago but only recently found out that HIV meds could affect my hormones. I don’t want to stop taking them, but would like to reduce any potential risks.



Because there are drug interactions between some hormones and some HIV meds, it is important that your doctor knows about all the meds and supplements that you take.

This includes any meds that you buy over the internet.

Your doctor will treat this information in confidence. The information is essential in deciding which HIV meds would be best for you, Your doctor may also be able to help you access other services so that you don’t need to buy other meds online. Even if this is not the case, your doctor needs to know.

Buying any drugs over the internet is also difficult because this is not regulated. Whatever you buy, may or may not contain what is claimed.

This means that medical advice is always likely to strongly advise against this.

Are you accessing any healthcare services? Having a discussion with someone about  how your hormones can affect HIV treatment could be helpful.

In the UK, CliniQ in Soho, London is a specialised sexual health and well-being service for trans people that has been running for over two years. This is a partnership between the NHS and other trans* aware organisations. Even if you are not in London it would be worth contacting them to see how they can help.

You can self-refer – which means anyone can contact them for advice.

Details about their services (including an evening clinic every week) and email and phone details are on the CliniQ website.


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