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Can my partner get HIV from me if we have unprotected sex?

I have been on HIV treatment for 3 years. I take my pills every day. CD4 is 521 and viral load is under 50. Can my partner get HIV from me if we have unprotected sex?



The risk of your partner becoming positive is extremely low. Because your viral load is undetectable and you are on treatment this is practically zero. An undetectable viral load is a viral load below 50.

We know this because of a study called PARTNER. This study is looking at couple like yours with one HIV positive partner and one negative partner. It is looking at the risks of condomless sex. The positive partner is on treatment and has an undetectable viral load. Participants on the study had sex, without condoms, over 44,500 times. There was no transmission of HIV. These results come from both anal and vaginal sex.

You can find a report on the PARTNER study and this exciting news on our website.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Wellbeloved,
    Your question has already been answered here:

  2. Wellbeloved

    When I was pregnant last year I found out I’m HIV positive, and I’m take a pills. So I was thinking he’s HIV positive too. But when going to the clinic I find out he’s negative