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We are not using protection, what about reinfection?

I’m am a 19 year old girl who got infected with the virus. I have only been sleeping with my partner who i got the virus from. We are not using protection sometimes and i am not taking ARVs yet, only vitamins. Are there any chances of reinfection?


Hi, There risk of reinfection generally is very low and only relevant if one of you has drug resistance. You are not protected form other STIs though, or from becoming pregnant. You can find a longer answer to a similar question that goes into much more detail on our website.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Mila,

    Its great to hear that your son is negative.

    With regards to your question, its highly unlikely that you will not get reinfected if you have sex with your partner who is also positive. This is because reinfection only occurs if there has been drug resistance. As neither of you are on medication this isn’t an issue. Please see here for a more detailed answer:


    What is concerning is that neither of you are on medication. The World Health Organisation recommend that everyone who is HIV positive should be on treatment. This is irrespective of a persons CD4 count. Is there any reason why you aren’t both on meds?

  2. mila

    I found out I was positive in early 2016 after I had been with my current partner. I found out I was pregnant at the same time. Thankfully I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who is HIV negative. I stopped treatment at the advise of my health care adviser. I want to know if I could get reinfected if I have unprotected sex with my partner since we are both not on any medication.


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