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Is lemon Juice good for someone with HIV?


Loudly and clearly…. “only HIV medicines have been proven to reduce CD4 and viral load”.

No diet, no special foods, no supplements or herbs – not matter what people say or advertisers claim. Everything claiming this is a scam.

Squeeze lemon on fresh fish, drop a slice in a cool drink, make lemonade. All nice if you like them and nice things are good. But only HIV medicines with effectively treat HIV.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Ogbolu,

    Please see this Q&A about when will there be a cure for HIV. As Simon says, science has a way of solving most problems. But putting a timeline on when this will happen is tough. However, Simon gives a lot of info on the Q&A. So please have a look.

    How is your HIV treatment going? Do you have access to your CD4 and viral load results? Please let us know. And also tell us what meds you’re taking.

  2. Ogbolu

    I don’t know but all I want is a cure please I want to be normal please I need I drug to cure this disease

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Thembisile,

    This could be peripheral neuropathy, please see here: http://i-base.info/qa/8054 However it could be something else. You’ll need to talk to a doctor.

  4. thembisile

    I have a challenge of numbness in my hands at night or early morning I’ve been asking my nurse at the clinic with no heluck according to them everything seems okay on blood results. I’ve been diagnosed with hiv in 2010 and started with arvs in 2018.9


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