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I’ve been on treatment for 3 months, am I still positive?

After three month of treatment will I still be tested positive?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Even if you are on treatment and have an undetectable viral load you are still living with HIV. It is the ARVs that are controlling your HIV. If you stopped taking them, the virus would spread.

If one day a cure is found, you would also still test positive. So that your HIV is controlled, its important to adhere to your meds.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Nolee,

    Questioning HIV tests is common. However, because you CD4 is 227 this is a clear indication that you’re living with HIV. This is because the range for a person who is negative is between 460-1600. Therefore, its highly unlikely that you having an infection has given a false positive. And this is even if you haven’t had sex for two years.

    Because your CD4 is 227 its important that you start medication, that is if you haven’t already.

  2. Nolee

    I had rash and my discharge was not normal, so I went to get tested. The results were positive. Before getting my CD4 count I used a virginal cream and was fine. However my CD4 count was 227. What are the chances that maybe my results were positive due to an infection during testing. I haven’t had sex in 2 years since my last boyfriend.


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