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Is Senna Tea safe to drink?

Can I use senna tea while on ARVs?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Its highly unlikely that there will be any interactions with your ARVs. However, before taking any supplement its always best to talk to your doctor. Also, it all depends on why you are wanting to drink Senna tea.

For more info about Senna, please see here:



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Balisa,

    You have a great CD4 count, so there’s nothing to worry about. Are you on medication?

  2. Balisa

    I’m HIV positive. My problem is my CD 4count is not drooping or increasing. 595

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Tman,

    What’s your current CD4 count and viral load? Do you know if you’re an elite controller?

  4. Tman

    I’ve been living with HIV since 2008 and I’ve never experienced any complications or health problems and I’ve been using traditional herbs since then. My CD4 count doesn’t go down or up. Is this normal or maybe I may have a kinda different type of blood or something.


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