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I’m HIV+ and have HEP B, will there be drug interactions?

I was diagnosed with HIV on the Feb 8, 2017 . I also have HEP B, will this complicate the treatment since I have both? Will this make my CD4 count drop fast since I have both? As of feb 9, 2017 my CD4 count was 468 but they didn’t tell me my viral load yet.


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How are you coping with your new diagnoses? Are you able to get any support?

Drugs that are used to treat HEP B, are also used to treat HIV. Therefore if your combination of drugs for treating HIV includes either of the following: Tenofovir, FTC and 3TC (Laminvudine) there will be no drug interactions. Have you been told what you’ll be given for your HIV and HEP B?

Having HEP B will not lower your CD4 count, its not taking HIV meds that will do this. If its of any help your CD4 is actaully good. This will rise when you start meds. Your viral load will also decrease.


  1. Lisa Thorley


    Yes, TB and HIV drugs can be taken at the same time. For more info please see here:


  2. Boitumelo

    My boyfriend is taking odimone and TB treatment, is it ok to combine these two meds?

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Michael,

    Its not possible to say when someone became HIV positive from their CD4 count. Therefore, its a case of thinking about when you may have been at risk.

  4. Michael

    If I still have 468 Cd4 counts, will this determine when I have acquired the infection? Is it just like around few months ago or years already? Because I am trying to recall who I had intercourse and maybe tell them to have themselves treated as well.

  5. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Michael,

    It depends where you live, for example in the US the prevalence of having both is between 70-90%. Please see here:


    What’s important is that they are both treated.

  6. Michael

    Is it rare or common having Hep B if your HIV +?

  7. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Michael,

    Condoms if used correctly will prevent your partner from contracting HIV.

  8. Michael

    So far i just completed the laboratory test they require me to pass..like my cbc, gene expert etc..and now just waiting for the gene expert result and they say it will be a week of wait, so right now life must go on, until i have my medication from them after a week when my gene expert result is there. So now i dont know if i should avoid anything yet, my dos and donts etc..also one more question, if i have a partner will he be prone to getting infected even if we use condoms?


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