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Can I travel to Turkey with my meds?

I’m HIV positive and on medication. Can I travel to Turkey with my medication? Is it allowed to enter to Turkey having my medication in my luggage?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Turkey doesn’t have any travel restrictions for people who are positive. For more info please see here:



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Pretty,

    There aren’t any specific travel restrictions of people who are positive going into Turkey. If you’re travelling it’s always best to have your meds in your hand luggage, this is just in case there’s an issue with checked in luggage.

    With regards to security noticing, we can’t comment on this as this is an immigration issue.

  2. Pretty

    Can I travel to turkey with my medicine without security noticing? If yes how

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Mariam,

    Please see the link above, info about Turkey can be found here.

  4. mariam

    I wish to travel to Turkey but am hiv positive can I work as a maid

  5. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Justine,

    You could try your local embassy and ask how to apply for a visa.

  6. Justine

    That is great iwish to apply the visa for turkey what should Ido ?

  7. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Joselyn,

    There are no travel restrictions for Turkey for people with HIV. And there is no HIV testing on entry.

    Please see this page from HIV travel https://www.hivtravel.org/Default.aspx?PageId=143&CountryId=183

  8. joselyn

    Thats great coz many people want to travel bt thy fear really thy dont feel thm selves

  9. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Sylvia,

    Yes you can travel to Turkey, your status won’t be an issue.

  10. Sylvia

    Do you have any restictions on entering the country Turkey?


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