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Should I take TB meds?

HIV has been living with me for the last 10 years. I am undetectable and CD4 is normal. I am living in Europe but in one of my places of work there has been a TB out break. I have never been vaccinated against TB. I have read a lot about TB and hiv+ but not in the case of people who are undetectable with a good CD4. My question is am I at more risk than my colleagues, and should I avoid the area for a few weeks?


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Because there’s been an outbreak where you work, if you are aged between 16-35 then it would be worth getting the TB vaccine. This is because it will reduce the risks of you contracting TB. For more info please see here:


Even if your CD4 is normal, and your viral load is undetectable, it may be worth taking preventive medication for HIV, that is if the vaccine isn’t an option. The following may also help:


You should however seek medical advice about this from your consultant.


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