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I need to switch from Eviplera, can I?

I’ve been using Eviplera for more than 3 years . The problem is, I have problems for sleep and anxiety.

I live in France. I spoke with my doctor but he didn’t propose me to change for any other medication. Instead, he gave me sleeping pills.

Do you think is possible to switch to other medication? Is there any other medication that I could replace Eviplera with less side effects?

Should I consider seeing another doctor?

This constantly mood emotional change + anxiety and sleeping problems are literally destroying my concentration and my relationship.


Thanks for getting in touch.

The reason why we take ARVs is to control our HIV. However, this doesn’t mean that they should have a negative impact on our lives. Therefore, if your meds are causing you problems then your doctor should respect this and provide you with options. More so, seeing as you live in France where other drugs are readily available.

From what you’ve said, the possible problem could be the rilpivirine that’s included in Eviplera. This is because this drug is known to cause changes in people’s moods and induce depression. (Though not in all people). Changes in mood can of course cause sleep problems and anxiety.

If you weren’t suffering from sleep problems or anxiety before you started Eviplera, then it’s very possible that your meds are a contributing factor to this.

With regards to changing, yes there are other options, and ones that are also a fixed dose combination. You could try one of the following: Striblid, Genvoya or Triumeq.




If your doctor isn’t willing to listen to your concerns, then yes, you should see someone else.


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