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How can I find a negative partner?

I am a 35 year old HIV positive male who is always afraid of new relationship cos i dont want people to know I’m HIV positive .

Although I am bisexual, i want to marry a woman who is negative. pls, wat do i do?i

I started treatment in March 2017



I can’t help you find a partner but I do have a couple of questions for you.

The first is to ask whether you heard about how an undetectable viral load on treatment protects your partners – even if you don;t use condoms?

If not, perhaps read about this here:


The second is to ask why you are looking for a partner who is HIV negative?

It sounds like you have not yet been able to accept that being HIV positive is okay and that treatment is effective. Why should you expect your partner to be negative if you are positive.

Once you accept that HIV is not a reason for people to reject you as a partner, you will perhaps be more acting of other HIV positive people.

At the moment, by rejecting HIV positive people, you are making stigma worse and you are rejecting the part of yourself that you have not yet come to terms with.


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