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My CD4 is high, but am I going to be OK?

Hello I am a 24 year old male who was diagnosed last month. My first labs came back with a viral load of 265, CD4% of 26 and cd4 count of 850. After being on medication for a month my CD4 count dropped to 650, CD4% to 23 and my viral load is undetectable. This is just extremely freighting for me.I understand that CD4 counts can fluctuate but, my research is showing me that a drop in cd4% of 3 percent is a big deal. I\'m studying to become a physician but, after getting these results I’m thinking of dropping out. If I’m going to have a shortened life span I really don’t want to put so much more years into school. Overall I am just scared


Thanks for getting back in touch.

Its very common to feel  scared especially when a diagnoses is new, but even if it isn’t. Sometimes the numbers from test results can be a comfort, whereas others they can cause great  worry and anxiety.

Your results are good, and their good because your viral load is undetectable and your CD4 is high. Its easy to get caught up in the % cycle, and for some this is with just reason, but you’re is fine. And you’re right CD4’s do fluctuate.

If you want to train to be a doctor, then go and do that. You having HIV shouldn’t be a barrier or an obstacle.As long as you adhere to your meds, there’s no reason why you life expectancy should be shortened.  If you want to talk about this more, please just email us and we’ll do what we can to help.


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