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Where can I test for HIV in the UK and is HIV treatment free?


Where can I get an HIV test in the UK?



HIV testing is free in the UK at any sexual health clinic. Tests are also available in many community setting.

This NHS web page lets you enter a postcode or town to see a list of the closest options.

Please note that results from the above link include a large number of services that charge for testing. As free and confidential HIV testing is so widely available in the UK, there is no need to pay for private HIV testing using these services.

The free services can also check for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and treatment is also free, including for HIV.

If you are HIV positive, HIV treatment and monitoring is free to everyone in the UK. This is irrespective of UK residency status.

If you are not officially a UK resident you can still get free HIV treatment.

Please contact the THT phoneline (0808 802 1221) for questions about HIV risk or HIV testing.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Emanuel,

    Depending on where someone lives, a person may need to be on septrin until their CD4 count is either 200 or 350. Ideally once a persons CD4 goes above 200, or 350 then they shouldn’t need to take it. This is however something that will need to be discussed with a doctor.

    ARVs don’t affect a persons fertility and neither does septrin.

  2. Emanuel

    Is there any harmful effect of taking septrin always. And when is it advisable to stop if u started it with a low CD4 count especially when it is serving as a prevention against any OI’s. Does it or ARV affect your semen quality and health in general.


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