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Will being HIV positive affect my move to New Zealand?

I was planning to move to New Zealand with my wife and start a fresh life together. I have just found out that I may be HIV positive. Will this affect my plans to get a job or even the application forms?


Thank you for your question.

Being HIV positive will not affect you visiting New Zealand. If you are looking to move there permanently being HIV positive will make you ineligible for a residential and working visa.

However, don’t lose hope because Australia is currently reviewing its policies on HIV positive people migrating to live there. The laws are already relaxing and the renewed policies should be in place within the next 1-2 years.

New Zealand immigration would not comment on whether they would also change their policies when I contacted them. In the past Australia and New Zealand have adopted similar immigration practices to encourage movement between the neighbouring countries. To follow any progress on this go to the New Zealand immigration site

Good luck


  1. Simon Collins


    This recent article that suggests you might be able to apply for a medical waiver because your partner is from NZ:

    Even when the US had an HIV entry and immigration ban, manye HIV positive people were given work and residency visa’s (but NZ is not the US).

    New Zealand used to have HIV as an exclusion for permanent residency and one way to see if the policy has changed would be to email this question to the NZ immigration service linked in the original Q&A post above. I have also done this to see the response. Searching their site for “HIV” or even “medical” brings up no useful results though.

    Please let us know if you get a helpful response.

    The response to i-Base was long enough for us to post this as a separate Q&A – please see this link here:

  2. N


    I’m from England, HIV positive, on medication and undetectable. My fiancée is a New Zealand citizen and all clear. We’ve known each other since 2015 and I’ve visited NZ for the 4th time now and always stayed at her place. We’ve travelled abroad together and have all photos, airline tickets, shopping bills, hotel reservations on both names. I even have an NZ drivers licence, a personal and joint account in NZ which are all registered to my fiancée’s address in NZ. I’m in process of applying for residence permit under partnership but my main concern in my HIV status. I spoke to an immigration firm who said I can apply for a medical waiver but her fees was “ $8000 “ ! My fiancée has been to UK once but doesn’t like it there hence I’m planning to sell my house and assets to make the move to New Zealand. Also I work as a Scientist and my job is on high demand in New Zealand.
    I previously provided an X-ray certificate to NZ immigration but didn’t require a medical blood test when I applied for work permit under partnership. They stated that they didn’t have enough evidence that we were in a genuine relationship as I applied for that visa category when I first visited her in NZ so they granted me a 9 months electronic visitors visa. Since I’ve visited her for the 4th time.
    I can obtain a letter from my GUM consultant from UK to highlight my treatment as my immune system responded to my medication which resulted to becoming undetectable.
    Can the NZ immigration reject my application purely due to my HIV status?

    I would be most grateful if someone could assist me?


  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Leroy,

    Info about entering into New Zealand when positive can be found here:


    You may also want to try the embassy and the above post.

  4. Leroy

    I have recently got my work visa to New Zealand and want to apply for my wife and kids to come over
    But my wife is HIV positive for the past three years
    Will this effect her visa application

  5. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Parbat,

    Please see the above post.

  6. Parbat

    Hello sir i am hiv positive
    From india
    I want to student visa in Newzeland
    Is it possible or not

  7. Roy Trevelion

    Hi, This sounds like it’s a difficult situation. If your parents want to help you they might have to get involved with the immigration process.

    This site bodypositive.org.nz gives information on travel and immigration for people who are HIV positive, it says:

    “Many countries including New Zealand have different and generally more restricted policies for foreigners who wish to stay for longer periods, work or immigrate permanently. In these cases it is always best to check with the nearest consulate or embassy regarding their policies on people living with HIV/AIDS.”

  8. Anel

    We want to move to New Zealand and my mother and father wants to help us, but they don’t know of my husband’s HIV. What can we do without them not knowing.

  9. Rebecca McDowall

    Hi Calvin,
    I’m afraid I don’t have any updates on this. The best idea would be to contact the New Zealand embassy where you live and to ask them.

  10. Calvin

    Good day,
    I am HIV positive and my Finace is a Sister recenlty registered in NZ, she is not possitive as we are very responsible and have been together for 12years. we are looking at immigrating to NZ and I was wondering if you have updated information or advise for us on this topic.

    Thank you


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