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Is there hope for a cure?

Is there hope for a cure in the next 20years? Aside from treatment, what lifestyle changes can I make to increase my life expectancy?


Thank you for your question.

We continue to hope that one day there will be a cure for HIV. There is a lot of on-going research looking at targeting the resting CD4 cells which current medication cannot reach. There are a lot of questions and answers regarding HIV eradication on our website. For more information please follow this link

It is important to remain hopeful. The current drugs available have greatly increased the life expectancy for HIV positive people to near that of HIV negative people. Current HIV medications also have reduced side effects which offer a better quality of life than previously available treatments.

There are certain lifestyle changes you can make to increase your life expectancy. These apply to everyone, whether HIV negative or HIV positive. Smoking has been shown to increase heart problems amongst HIV positive people. If you smoke then stopping smoking is very important. Eating a healthy nutritious diet, exercising regularly, avoiding misuse of alcohol and drugs is also very important.

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