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I’m positive and been diagnosed with cancer, can I engage in treatment?

I have been on Arvs for the past 15years and currently on 3rd line. I have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer due to hpv16 The doctor recommends chemotherapy and radiation an says the cancer is localized. I am afraid to go for the recommended treatment as I have heard of the terrible side efforts and am particularly worried as I already have luecopenia. I have since started to take black seed tea along with my Arvs. Please advise.


Thanks for getting in touch.

May I ask what ARVs you’re taking? It you’re taking something other than integrase based ART, if you were in the UK you’d be changed to this. This is done as it will help avoid any possible interactions with the chemo medication.  Yes the side effects of chemo treatment can be bad, however though this may be a scary and difficult time, its important that you engage in chemo and if recommended also radiation therapy. These treatments are both very effective if the cancer has been caught early.

The black seed tea won’t be of any use for your HIV nor the cancer.

Are you under specialist care?


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Hautoi,

    Thanks for telling us your story. It’s good to hear you had specialist treatment, and great to know that you’re 66 and feeling fine.

    Good luck to you too.

  2. Hautoi

    Am going into 34 years HIV + and non-detectable for over 20 years. I had prostate cancer diagnosed 20 years ago and underwent external beam radiation. My PSA has since remained between 0.5 and 1.0. Will be age 66 this year and feel fine. Good luck to you.


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