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Will nevirapine protect my baby if my nipples are cracked?

Hi. I’m hiv positive and my baby is on breastfeeding they have me cipla nevirapine to give her and now I’m worried because my nipples are cracked and sore. Does this mean she can catch the virus even when on nevirapine?



Congratulations on your new baby – and great that you are both on treatment. Although you didn;t say this, I assume you are also still on treatment.

Please can you contact your nurse or clinic about your current situation.

Although both you and your babies meds will also reduce the risk of HIV, the nurse needs to see how badly your nipples are cracked.

It might be that moving to formula milk is now more important – but someone needs to see you to talk about this.

Everything will be ok til you see the nurse – your baby still needs to feed – but please do this as soon as you can. If you do not need to change to formula milk, the meds will still give good protection for your baby.


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Joy, congratulations on having a baby. There is no interaction between the medications baby has been given and NVP. NVP will still work. How old is baby? and are you on treatment yourself?

  2. Joy

    Please, I give my baby a dose of Abidec, panda and emzoclox. Just yesterday and my mother give her glucose water a day before yesterday.

    She doesn’t know my HIV status as my husband doesn’t want anyone aside me and him to know of my status.

    My concern is that, I administer NVP to my daughter everyday since birth and I also is on treatment.

    Is my baby protected against HIV Virus after those infant medication?

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Rethiable, is your baby taking any other medication? What will help most is you being on your own ART. Do you know when the NVP will return to stock?

  4. Rethabile

    Hi am HIV positive. N my son he is on nvp and he is 18 months but since from November they last gave small bottle of nvp so at the clinic they said nvp is out of stock until now and my son he is still breastfeeding. Plss I need help what can I do any advice


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