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Can I move to Ireland for work?

I’m positive and from India. I’d like to move to Ireland for work, is this possible? Will I be able to access medication in Ireland?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Yes you can apply for a visa to work in Ireland, your status won’t be an issue. For more details on the visa application process you’ll need to contact your nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate.

It is possible to access numerous ARVs in Ireland, the following Dublin based organisation will be able to give you info that is Ireland specific: https://www.hivireland.ie/


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Jason.

    I’m sorry but this isn’t something that i-base can help with. However, it’s OK for positive people to move to Ireland.

  2. Jason

    Please how can i communicate irish consulate in nigeria to make a clear confirmation about “can a hiv+ person get a work visa in ireland “?

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Sihanqiwe,

    Please see the above post.

  4. Sihanqiwe

    I am HIVpositive registered nurse from Zimbabwe and would like to start the process to go and work in Ireland .I am really concerned if I am allowed to enter the country with my status


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