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Will my meds interact with anesthetic drugs?

I was diagnosed 8 years ago (vl: 2million copies / ml, cd4: 114) and have been on medication ever since. My viral load has been undetectable after the first month of starting taking Arv-s, Cd4 % is between 30-40 %. I was diagnosed with inguinal hernia a month ago. I will have the operation in January. My problem is that my doctor and anaesthesiologist do not know that I am positive. Do I have to tell them? I am so scared that they will not keep in secret (i am from
Eastern Europe and i know some cases where hospital workers went indeed indiscreet about patients status). I am on a daily regimen of kivexa and insentress. Do you think these drugs can cause interactions with anaesthetics? Thank you for your answer.


Thanks for getting in touch.

For us to be able to help, we’ll need to know what type of anesthetic it is that you’d be given. That way we can advice if there is going to be a possible drug interaction.

Ideally though, you should discuss this with your doctors as they need to know what medication is it that you’re taking.


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