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Is it OK to mix feed a baby?

Good day, I was diagnosed with HIV in 2016 after finding out I was pregnant. I have been on ARVs since. My first child is HIV negative and I did not breastfeed. I recently gave birth to my second baby but I have been mix feeding her. I did some research and I’m nervous that my child might get the virus because of mix feeding although the doctor or nurse never told me to breastfeed exclusively. My viral load is undetectable but I want to know if it is safe to continue with mix feeding or should I just give her formula?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Mixed feeding with babies who are born to HIV positive mothers isn’t recommended, this is even if the mothers viral load is undetectable. This is due to the slight risk of infection.

Infant feeding guidelines vary depending on where it is that someone lives. In the UK, (where i-base are based) breastfeeding isn’t recommended. However, in other countries, for example South Africa, breastfeeding is advised as long as a mothers viral load is undetectable.

You’re going to need to decide which one works for you and your baby. Consulting your doctor is also advisable.


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