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I’m positive, which countries can I work in?

I’m looking for a teaching job abroad but I am hiv positive. Which countries can I get a work visa for without medical examinations?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Please see the following link:  http://www.hivtravel.org/  Here you’ll find the countries that don’t have an issue with positive people, as well as the ones that do. Your status won’t be an issue in the EU or the States.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi bulelwa,

    In my personal opinion it’s up to you who you chose to tell about your status. However, you may need to declare your status on an visa application form. This will of course depend on where it is that you’re wanting to go. For more info, you’d need to contact the embassy of the country that you’re interested in. Jobs wise, again you’d need to see what their criteria was.

  2. bulelwa

    Thank you for your answer. Would I need to disclose my status on my visa application or my job application or it’s fine even if I don’t?


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