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I’m undetectable and pregnant, do I need other medication?

I’m HIV positive and have been on treatment since I found out 3 years ago. I adhere to my treatment and have an undetectable VL. I just found out that I’m 10 weeks pregnant. Do I need to take extra medication for the baby or not?


Thanks for getting in touch.

If you’re asking if you need to take more ARVs, the answer is no. Your HIV is already under control, this is what counts when you’re pregnant as the following explains: https://i-base.info/guides/pregnancy

If you need to take, for example, iron supplements, this is something that your doctor/nurse will be able to tell you.


  1. Lisa Thorley


    When a persons viral load is undetectable (so less than 5o copies ml) it means that their HIV is under control. Your Viral load is less than 50.

  2. Zama

    Hi what does it mean if the virus load is >50 please help on the first form it says “Lower than detactable

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Awintima,

    This is great news, and clearly a relief.

  4. Awintima

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the response. Fortunately, It Was A mistake. An assistant in The clinic used A different persons result for me. my new load <20copies (April 2020) Though (April 2019) it reads Undetectable. But i know from ibase that anything less than (<50 copies/ml ) is undetectable.

    I Think People should always re check their results to be sure Mistakes do happing.

  5. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Awintima,

    If your viral load is low, though not undetectable, the best thing to do is to try another combination. This is something that you should talk to your doctor about.

  6. Awintima

    Hi Roy Trevelion,

    He said i should keep adhering to the treatment and that i will reach undetectable and no need to change treatment. I Have been very Good At taking my meds from the begining (June 2017 )
    But its Sad I’m still detectable

  7. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Awintima,

    It’s great that you’re on HIV treatment. But what does your doctor say about your viral load results?

    The aim of HIV treatment (ART) is to get viral load to undetectable. And undetectable means less than 50 copies/mL. Please talk to your doctor about your HIV meds. You can ask if they’re working as well as they should. And if not, you can ask to change meds that can reduce your viral load to below 50 copies.

    Please see this page from ART in Pictures. It shows what happens when we start HIV treatment.

  8. Awintima

    Hi please
    I Have been On Treatment For about Three Years now Last year(2019)my viral load was 175copies/ml This year it is 125copies/ml
    Is This Okey Or I Should Change treatmen??

  9. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Lethabo,

    Yes, the drugs in Atripla are included in the European HIV treatment guidelines. Although these meds are not preferred for starting HIV treatment (ART).

    Please let us know if you’re already on ART and what meds you’re taking. If you have access to your CD4 count and viral load please tell us these results too.

  10. Lethabo

    Good day

    I would like to know if Atripla is available in Germany

    Kind Regards


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