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What is the best treatment for COVID-19?

Hi, if I am diagnosed with COVID-19, what are the best options for treatment. Should I join a study for example?


This is a really good question.

Although many research studies are taking place, only a few have reported results. These are already enough though for you to talk about options with your doctors.

You might want to join a study. However, the more serious your COVID-19, the more important it will be to use drugs that are likely to work.

Many randomised studies still include no treatment as one of the options. However, by May 2020 there are other ways to get treatment. One, for example, is to ask for compassionate access to remdesivir.

Other promising treatments include anakinra, anticoagulants, or possibly convalescent plasma or interferon.

These options are likely to depend on your individual health at the time.

The i-Base information service can talk about these options. You canĀ ask a question online, email: questions@i-Base.org.uk or call the phoneline on 0808 800 6013.


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