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Will my CD4 count increase to higher levels?

Hi, I was diagnosed with HIV a few months ago and also a renal tumor was discovered to be growing on one of my kidney. I am about to go for a surgery to have the tumor removed and my CD4 is 129 even though I’ve been on ART since last year.

Is there any chance of my CD4 count increasing above 200 after my surgery?


Hi there

Thanks for your question and for letting us post an answer online.

Without knowing your C4 count and viral load when you were diagnosed, it is difficult to comment on your overall response to treatment. However, your CD4 count was probably much lower and having a slow and steady increase is better thant one that jumps higher very quickly.

Many people who start with very low CD4 counts see them steadily increase to much higher levels over time – sometimes to 200/300/400 and even higher.

I hope your surgery goes well.


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