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Having kids: changing from efavirenz to dolutegravir

Hi, I’ve just started a new treatment called Volutrip for the last few months. Since I’ve started it I haven’t seen my periods and I decided I wanna go back to efavirenz coz I think I made a quick decision about not wanting kids anymore. Pls help because I want to go back to my old meds.


Hi there

Thanks for your question and for letting us answer this online.

Even though Volutrip is a much better combination for most people, some people do change back to efavirenz-based ART again.

This is usually if they are unlucky with side effects to dolutegravir (in Volutrip) if they found efavirenz much easier.

Dolutegravir might not be causing all these problems with your periods though, so your doctor needs to understand the problem more.

Also, I don’t understand your reference to having kids again. Both these combinations can be used my women who want to become pregnant.

Although there were some early concerns about dolutegravir, additional study results means that doctors are no long so worried about this. The latest results were presented at AIDS 2020 last month


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