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My viral of is undetectable and my CD4 is 650, am I OK?

I’ve been positive for 8 years. Before starting treatment my CD4 was 150 and viral load 2500. Since then I have been treating with Kivexa, Reyataz, Norvir. At present the viral load is undetectable and Cd4 is 665.(The highest value of CD4 was 910)
1. Why is my CD4 still low?
2. In all years of treatment, viral load fluctuated 3 times: 23, less than 20 and less than 30, otherwise it was undetectable. Are these 3 values ​​called laboratory errors or is viral load still considered undetectable?
3.Do you think that this treatment scheme would work for another 5-10 years?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Your CD4 count isn’t low, it’s actaully at a really good level. You also haven’t had any viral load blips as it’s been constantly under 50 copies ml. You’re actaully doing great. Your HIV is 100% under control.

If you’re asking if your HIV will remain under control, then yes it should do. The key is to continue to adhere to your medication and when possible have a check up.


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