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My CD4 is 280, will it get any higher?

Im a 52yr heterosexual male who is HIV +.
I was diagnosed in 2016 with a Viral Load of 25000 and a CD4 count of 79 I started treatment straight away and have been U ever since.
My CD4 count has slowly increased over the four years up to a highest reading of 280 but my last bloods was 160.
My question is will my CD4 count ever get back to a \”normal\” level or am I just to accept that it wont\’ recover .
My consultant isnt worried so long as I remain undetectable but I cant help worrying


Thanks for getting in touch.

What your consultant is telling you is right, as long as your viral load is undetectable, you’re doing really well. Your HIV is under control.

With regards to your CD4, it’s not possible to predict how long it will take for a persons CD4 count to rise to normal levels, or even if it will. Some people who are diagnosed with a CD4 in single figures see their CD4 rise to normal levels, whereas others don’t.


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