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My viral load has increased to 750copies ml will it decrease?

I am worried about my viral load it went from undetectable to 750. I was transitioning from phila to Florida and missed some doses. I have since been back on. How long would it take for my viral load to reduce? I have surgery on Dec 14 and bc my viral load went from undetectable to 750 it might get cancelled. I am going for another blood draw being that I have been on my meds now but just curious as to how lo g it will take to get back down to undetectable with a 750 viral load?


Thanks for getting in touch.

For me to be able to help you, I’m going to need to ask you some questions.

When you say that you missed some doses, how many did you miss and over what time period? If it was only a few, then it’s very possible that this is a lab error.

You’ve mentioned that your viral load has rebounded and is now 750 copies ml, when was this viral load test taken? Were you on medication at the time? How long have you been on medication for since the 750 copies ml result?


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Jay,

    If your partners viral load was detectable when you had sex, they’ll have been a risk. It would help to know what his viral load is. Also what do you mean by a six months break? This won’t have been a treatment break as once on ARVs you’re currently on them for life, that is unless you default.

  2. Jay

    Hi am Jay I recently had sex with an hiv positive partner he said he is undetectable from his last test in January now it been 5 months since the last test..but they gave him a 6 months break ….tht got me scared so I ask to prove it he went to the doctor
    two days after but they said it went back up to a detectable level I am not sure what the viral load is ..I use a condom but in broke 2 to 3 secs during penetration the I pulled out and put on a next ..1..what are my risk on contacting hiv ?
    2..is it possible tht the viral went back up to a transmitteable level?
    It’s been 2 weeks now ..and am so worried……

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Christy,

    Thanks for getting back to us. If you missed taking your meds for 2 weeks this will explain the increase (I would however have expected for it to me much higher) now that you’re back on meds as long as there weren’t any issues with possible resistance, then yes your viral load should have gone down. It’s not possible to say if it will now be undetectable, hence why the test on the 27th is important. Are you OK to let us know how it goes?

  4. Christy

    Lisa, I didnt plan to move it just happened and I didnt know that my insurance would not work up here so when I went to get my meds they told me my insurance was not able to used in Florida. So I panicked bc I was running low on meds. I called my case manager in philly and explained everything to her. I think I ran out for 2 weeks. As soon as I got them I began my regiment again. 08/20 I had my draw take and I was undetectable. Went back on 11/19/ 20 and it’s now at 750. Since taking Trimque for 4 years my viral load as never went above 200. So now I have a blood draw for Nov 27 and am wondering if it’s a possibility that it will drop back down to undetectable?


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